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Art Photos

Art Photos (Art Prints)

This page contains cool photos that I have created.  Since these photos contains some alterations, I will catalog them as  art photos or  art prints.  These are photos that I have manipulated using the iPad, my MacBook Pro, and/or the iPhone using applications like, Snapseed©, Aviary©, Camera+©, ColorStrokes©, among others.  Also, I tend to use Pixelmator, as my final step, just to retouch and get rid of any distracting details.  For some photos I might have used my Canon EOS camera software or Lightroom 5 to create a more dramatic or simple look on my photos.

The photos in this page will be changing constantly so keep visiting the page for new photos.  And, if you know any useful application I may be missing, or should try, please leave the information in the comments section below and I will definitely try them!

You may also find my art photos/art prints on Society6 website, as I am a member who sells Art Prints via this website.  To see my Art Prints just click on the Society6 link, and search for José Reyes under artists.

These photos have been somehow manipulated to create some sort of art photos using iPad Apps or Softwares.

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