My USA Travel page.

I will be adding to this page anything related trips in USA, photos of course! Any subject is valid!  The outdoors, cooking, BBQ, Macro, Landscapes, everything!   This is the place where I will show my diversity as a photographer!   Being located at the center of US has been a blessed for me.  I can travel everywhere with less than four hours of air travel. I can be in Miami within two and half hours, be in Los Angeles within less than three, be in Arkansas, Buffalo river within five hours of road trip, Chicago as well,  and list go on! It is amassing!

So far I have visited, the Gran Canyon, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Tennessee, The Ozark National River Ways, the Buffalo River, Zion National Park, North Carolina cost, Smokey Mountains, the Red Canyon, Lake Powell, Bryce Canyon, and the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, one of the best trips ever, for its roughness!

There is a lot to show and talk about this section, as I have the most amazing friends here in Missouri  that life can throw at you.  My buddies of camping and canoeing, also buddies at work, and friends, are amazing and mostly all of them have  been involved in my outings experience!  Thank you all! Pictures will come so you can meet them.

 The Floats Crew Team:



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