Around the house and bored.

Macro photography is one of those things in photography that you may find yourself doing in a way to practice and improve your photographic skills.  You may be bore at home, with not much to do, no too much money to spent going outside, chilly or hot weather etc…  Being locked are your house does’t mean that you need to be bored! The world around you inside your house may look bore but, if you look carefully, you may find spots with a lot of things to do when you look deep into your  surroundings.  Let’s take for example a boring flower bouquet, it may not look much interesting initially but, when you look deep and carefully into the flowers, and have your composition-perspective alerted, you may find yourself with an ocean of possibilities!

Here are some photos that I took while at home, bored with nothing to do in a chilled winter day.  I had this bouquet of flowers at the hallway of my house, and there was some light coming through a window next to them, and Bingo! The light bulb in my head went off, I pulled my camera, and photos just started to pour in! There is also, a Star Wars figure which got involved in the photo shoot set.

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