The float instruments, my Kayaks and SUV.


IMG_1889JRCmoreno.com is my blog, a place where I will bring posts of my activities and passions.  You will find here issues, discussion, or topics around the outdoors, traveling, photography, local trips I have made around Missouri and few other places, and a lot of photos.   I am photographer, outdoor enthusiast, and will use my blog to comment mostly about my trips and photography.  I will hope you are patient with me as I am new on blogging and writing (I still get confused thinking in Spanish and translating into English) so,  please be patient as I polish my writing skills through this blog.  You will also noticed how my photography skills have been polished with years of practiced and new equipments.

I am also, passionate about International Business, cooking, beer, wine, and kayaking (canoeing as well) so, if you like these topics, be alert, I will be blogging about them as well!

Why JRCmoreno?  My name is Jose E. Reyes Carrasquillo, I am originally from Puerto Rico, the “Moreno” part of my blog’s name comes from my nickname while I was living in Puerto Rico.  The JRC comes from my name’s initials, including my mother’s last name – Carrasquillo.   Once I moved to St. Louis my closest’s friends here nicknamed me; “Pepe” actually, only my close family, specially my siblings and grand parents called me Moreno. I have been living in St. Louis, Missouri for around 15+years.  I came to St. Louis to study my Master’s degree in International Business and Marketing at Webster University.  I have a bachelor degree in Business Administration from the Interamerican University in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and  I have been living is the St. Louis suburbs area since I moved to complete my master degree in 1999. I am a “doer” person, I love to create and work things myself, explore the outdoors (I wish my work allowed me to do more!), travel, cooking, gardening, photography and I constanly need to be doing or creating something so, I am a busy guy (it’s really insane!).

If you wish to contact me, please do so via my blog, or you can send me an email to jrcmoreno@hotmail.com.

I hope you like my blog and please leave comments and check my photos, especially on Flicker and Society6, where I post the majority of my photos and art prints.  And, if you need a photographer for your special event please check my website at www.jrcphotostudio.com.

Note: All photos on this blog have been taken by me and I have the exclusive rights to all of them.  If by any chance you see a photo you would like to have, please contact me,  we can make arrangements (sell or use by permission).



J. Reyes


Email: jrcmoreno@hotmail.com