Bogota, Colombia

This page has been created to provide access to friends, family, and acquaintances to my travels experience and photos I have done.  I like to show my photographs, as I believe I am doing pretty good job taking photos and  I will be making comments to few of them.  Also, since I like to travel so much, I guess I can share with you that as well.  So, let’s just say that you will find under this page a sub-menu with two more pages, International Travel, and USA Travel (coming up soon!).  These pages may contain, eventually,  several other pages and they may grow as I travel, meet interesting people, and have fun in life.

Something interesting you will notice, my photographic skills should be getting  better and better as  I practice. Through these pages I have posted photos that have special value to me, although , not necessarily the best in quality.  I  have photos in these pages  that have been taken long time ago with smartphones cameras, cheap cameras, and recently with my DSLR.  As I continued growing my knowledge and practice in photography more  interesting photos will be posted.

Also, please visit my Flickr Account as  my best works are posted on Flickr.

Right now hold on tight as I start filling these pages with memories and photos!  Bare with me, hold on tight, and you will be rewarded!

Thanks in advance for visiting this Travel Page and my blog!



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