Through this page I will be bringing you my collection of photographs and some blogs references.  I have divide this page in few other pages where I will hold photos for you to view.  The collection of photos may be hold on grids or some other techniques so you just need to hoover over the photos you like, and click on them to see a larger picture. Or, they may be just in carousel display for you to enjoy.  You can try the album below.  Also you can visit  my Flickr page.


Red Cardinal at Snowy day.

This  page contains three sub-pages divide in photo types. Art Photos, Landscape photography, and Macro photography.

I hope you like this section and, if you want to see more photos, please visit my Flicker account.

Note:  Through these pages I have posted photos that have special value for me, although , not necessarily the best in quality.  I  have photos in these pages  that have been taken long time ago, with smart phones, cheap cameras, and so on.  As I continued more  interested in photography, you will notice that my skills are better, it was not until the two years (2013), that I bought a DSLR camera (now I have two!) and I have become more knowledgeable in photography and post photo processing.   



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